2011/12 SCHEDULE
U of T


Suzanne is, without a doubt, an indispensable program and course designer on top of being one of the most effective teaching staff members I have had the responsibility and pleasure to have teach for me....it is clear that she prepares meticulously, gages the individual needs of each learner, masterfully communicates lecture material, and expertly facilitates discussions....

Suzanne, with amazing sophistication, is skilled at designing academic programs in a variety of art historical academic subjects, at implementing and teaching such programs, at devising the curriculum content from start to finish, and providing the learners of such programs with the mastery of requisite analytical skills and knowledge....
-University of Toronto

There is no question in my mind that Ms Tevlin has an incredible passion for, and knowledge of Art, in its broadest context.  She is well prepared, passionate and knowledgeable. She interacts well with her students- providing encouragement, feedback and patience.  
- Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Her passion for her Art practice and her commitment to teaching is imparted to students with enthusiasm and generosity.....Suzanne's encouragement, direction and support of her students exceed(s) her teaching obligations.....I would not want to lose a valued member of the teaching complement...   -OCAD

It is rare to find a good practicing artist with a facility for teaching.  Suzanne Tevlin is such an artist.  Over the years, she has proven her capabilities both here and abroad.  It is through her experiences that her art and teaching has developed to such an extent.......She offers a different and refreshing slant on art education......(she) is well informed, articulate and open to the ideas and opinions of others. She is resourceful and responsible to any endeavor she undertakes.      -University of Toronto

It is evident to me that Ms Tevlin knows her students well.  She can speak of the interests and talents of each as well as the attitudes which help each student or hinder her in her work. She takes a great deal of pleasure in working with them....she in no way intimidates (them) with her own skill,..never deflates (their) confidence. She also has patience......She not only sets high standards, but encourages students to believe that they will be able to meet these standards.  -Havergal College


"Ms Tevlin was an inspiration. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and I would very much enjoy taking more courses by her. It was a totally great experience. Thank you." -U of T student

"Suzanne is an excellent lecturer. Her knowledge of Art & History is all encompassing. The lectures were presented so enthusiastically that information was easily absorbed.  The enthusiasm is so contagious that I find myself reading supplimentary material in my spare-time. A potentially "stuffy" subject is taught in such an easy going manner. I would highly recommend this course."       -U of T student

"Very enthusiastic. Sometimes funny. Gained lots of knowledge from this course. Definitely planning to take additional courses presented by Suzanne."  -U of T student

"I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Tevlin's course material and approach to study - particularly her appreciation for the technical aspects of paintings." -U of T student

"I enjoyed her knowledge of individual artist's lives and that she put each painter in the social and cultural context of the time in which he lived, with insight into individual artists characters and points of view."  -U of T student

"Excellent course! (Suzanne) is a dynamic teacher, (she) gave substantive attention to detail. (She) made art come alive."  -U of T student

"This was by far the most interesting arts course I have taken. The professor was outstanding, and I would recommend this course to anyone."  -U of T student

"This was a most informative course, well prepared and presented with care. Illustrations-excellent. All round presentation: social, cultural, historical, technical elements, all treated comprehensivly and well researched. Most enjoyable!" -U of T student

"Suzanne is an engaging instructor. She has a sound knowledge of Art History and provides a wonderful mixture of knowledge and story telling to make it both informative and interesting."       -U of T student

"An excellent instructor-very thorough in her discussion of background for each artist. Very enthusiastic- I would recommend this course"  
-U of T student

"I enjoyed Suzanne's classes very much. Her choice of material and teaching manner were super!      -U of T student

"An excellent instructor, very knowledgeable, with a passion for the subject. I would definitely seek her out for other courses"   -U of T student

"Excellent course-would recommend it to others-it satisfied my criteria of learning more about what makes the artists great as well as knowledge about society at the time of these artists"     -U of T student

"I feel this class will take my work in a totally new direction.  Suzanne's enthusiasm is infectious."      -OCAD student

"This course really stirred up my imagination.  I realized that I was probably in a rut and Suzanne's approach to Art and Creating has helped me move forward in a major way"        -OCAD student

"Definitely take it, the instructor is wonderful- very knowledgeable, helpful, inspirational, passionate. Lots of fun."   -OCAD student

"Excellent, fun, invigorating. Looked forward to it every week."  
-OCAD student