2011/12 SCHEDULE
U of T


2042 - 003 Works of Genius in Focus
Pivotal works from the history of Western art are discussed in detail. We will place them historically and artistically, explaining who influenced their creators and whom they influenced in turn. Our discussion will treat the pieces technically, symbolically, culturally and psychoanalytically. Amongst the eight works to be discussed will be Holbien's The French Ambassadors, Velázquez' Las Meninas, Goya's The 3rd of May, 1808 and Picasso's Guernica. This series has been chosen for its politically interesting subject matter that foreshadows so many issues today. In all eight paintings we will discuss fascinating contemporary research.   
Thurs 6:30pm to 8:30pm, 06 Oct - 24 Nov 2011     
2062 - 004 Picasso and Way Beyond: Art of the 20th Century
After a close look at Picasso and Matisse we will go on to discuss Surrealism, the New York Schools, the European Schools and the British Schools, including Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud and David  Hockney. We will discuss the rise of women painters, the Harlem Renaissance and much more. This will be an eye-opening series of discussions.   
Thurs 11am to 1pm, 12 Jan - 01 Mar 2012     
2182 - 005 Romanticism
The art of Romanticism has little to do with our conventional ideas of romance. Rather, Romanticism is the naked soul of the artist, exposed. It is the confessional of the seeker with emotions beyond his ability to control. Witness the rise of Romanticism as the Terror of 1793 destroys the sense of order and stoicism expressed by the Neo-Classicists.  Follow Géricault as he visits charnel houses in an attempt to express his horror of government corruption and the slave trade, and Delacroix as he seeks to overcome his shadowy paternity through art. Other artists we will study are: David, Goya, Constable, Millet, Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites.
The Rise Of Romanticism: Ingres, David & Gros
The Deaf Man's House: Goya
Art Of The Conscience: Géricault
Bloodless Violence: Delacroix
Landscape & Romanticism: Constable & Millet
The Nightmare Scenario: Fuseli & Blake
Turner, Goethe & The Poets
The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Wed 11am to 1pm, 05 April -24 May 2012